Friday, April 23, 2010

My Sister just sent this to me ♥

This truly says it all!!!! My sis just sent this to me today. With all that we've been through these past couple years ..Our Dad's diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer and then his passing. It was like nothing I can even really put into words, but...I can say this, we were a close family before, but this experience has definitely brought us even closer together, we're all we've got left! And it makes you realize what's truly important and how all those lil things that mattered before just don't anymore.

It was an eye-opening experience to watch 'people' who are 'supposed' to be 'family' NOT be there for us or my Dad. So, to say you have to have the same blood running through your veins to be 'family'..NSM!!! My 'Family' consists of my Mom, Sis and my close group of friends, that I refer to as my 'Lyfers' who were there for me through and through!!

So, I thought I'd share a couple pics of my Sis and I through the years

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