Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So cool!! My Blog was featured in an online Newspaper/Mag!!

YAY!! My blog and Fall Fashion Trends for 2012 post was 
featured in a daily online Newspaper/Mag!!!

Scroll down to the Leisure section : ) So cool!!! 


Monday, July 30, 2012


I couldn't be MORE excited that it's almost that time of year again. My ALL time favorite "Fall" and it's right around the corner and not only do I love the cooler weather, BUT most importantly it's time for... FALL FASHION!!!!

The runways were FULL of black and blue ensembles, feminine layers, chunky knit/cozy sweaters, leather everything (skirt, pant, jacket, shoes, bag or accessory), Tartan/bold plaid prints
especially in black and red ( coat, scarf, shawl, dress, button up, bag or even shoes), Burgundy everything and anything, Reptile prints (giraffe, leopard and zebra are out. Crocodile, fish, lizard and snake are in), Belted dresses, Black-and-white, Wide-brim hats, Bohemian print dresses, Contrasting.embellished bold collars, Military, Jumpsuits and Sheer tops/pants!! 

Here a lil rundown from the runways featuring the trends for
Fall Fashion 2012!! 

Black and Blue

Chunky knit/cozy sweaters


Tartan/plaid prints


Reptile prints

Belted Dresses


Wide-brim hats

Bohemian Print dresses

Bold/Embellished Collars




*All pics from Google images*