Tuesday, September 13, 2011

13 Of The Coolest Nail Trends From Fashion Week

I just came across this article and wanted to share it with you guys!!! Very cool artsy looks for nails, love the colors and designs!!

Cushnie et Ochs: Engineered by Dashing Diva's Pattie Yankee, these super-pointy, "flesh-extension" nails are comprised of Dashing Diva's Mr. Right polish mixed with mineral makeup to match each model's skin tone. 

Yigal Azrouël Cut25
Butter London's Nonie Creme created this engaging, work-of-art pattern using a mixture of salmon pink, '80s turquoise, and pastel pistachio. 

Jason Wu: 
OPI blessed models' fingertips with MonSooner or Later, a vibrant orange-y red, because you can never go wrong with a such a classic shade. 

Joy Cioci: 
We freaked out over these lucite tips and delicate hand-painted lace design. Definitely a tough DIY project, but we presume this will popping up soon at a nail salon near you. 

Pamela Love:(MY FAV)
Essie manicurist Elle went for a deep brown and soft nude in a reverse French chevron to complement the feel of Love's angular yet earthy and nomadic collection. 

Dean Quinn:
CND channeled the illustrious days of Studio 54 with "Sunday at Studio 54" manicures. Long, rounded falsies were a nude mix of Copper Shimmer Effect, Colour in Putty, and topped at the cuticle with Desert Suede. 

Going for a lingerie-inspired look, Nonie Creme used Butter London's pink-nude shade called "Tea with the Queen." It's dusky hue is makes for a soft, sexy edge.  

Jen Kao:
CND's Wanda Ruiz went for a "track girl-meets-Romeo and Juliet" nail that she dubbed the "Lethal Love" manicure. Using an airbrush tool, bold hues of Midnight Sapphire, Anchor Blue, Rouge Red, and Green Scene were paired with Inkwell at the base, and finished off with a topcoat while still wet to give the look a bad-ass-yet-softened texture. 

Nicole Miller:
There was no missing these punchy, pink and purpleish-blue checked nails, courtesy of CND's Wanda Ruiz. Berry awesome.  

Seen at Odilon by Stacey Clark:
A MINX manicurist sports black and gold-spotted nails backstage at Odilon. Polka dots are definitely in this season! 

We couldn't resist snapping a pic of this stylist sporting a reverse-French mani that's both minimal and bold at the same time. Topping a natural nail with a brilliant red creates a sophisticated, yet almost intentionally, grown-out look.

Odilon by Stacey Clark:
MINX celebrity celebrity nail stylist, Lisa Logan, delivered a clean, fresh white and nude moon mani.

A little bit yacht-club, a little bit racetrack, these "jockey manicures put in the sporty frame of mind. 

*Article found at refinery29.com*

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just getting started!!

Ok, so I'm just getting started on my 70's inspired Fall Fashion pieces :) I found these two goodies this weekend!! And love love love them so I thought I'd share :)

Forever 21
Grey Floppy Hat $17.80

Forever 21
Oatmeal Chunky Knit Infinity scarf $10.80
(It's SO soft)

Here are a few pics of me trying them on :) 

♥ Cupcake Kisses ♥

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I know I did this post a couple months ago, BUT I just had to repost it again in honor of Fall that is approaching!!! I can't wait :) 

'70s Fashion
*Handbags: Leather Satchel's and/or Hobos.
*Belts: Big and/or skinny leather belts over skirts or maxi dresses.
*Boots: Leather Knee High and/or Thigh High/Over the knee.
*Jewelry: Lots of it!! Lots of rings w/stones, piles of bangles, 
long pendant necklaces and/or strings of beads.
*Hair: Long straight split down the middle part, sleek longer bob, lots of bouncy curls and flowy hair.

(Faux)Fur Fashion Trend

On the runway there was everything from 
hats, coats, collars and scarves.

Coats: Long, short, thick, or fine.

Fur trim: Collars, cuffs, 
hems of jackets and skirts.

Bell Bottoms: 


So, the big question is....
Are skinny jeans still in style?...
YES!!! They aren't going anywhere for quite sometime!

For the 2011 Bell/Flare Bell bottom think '70s Flare.
 NOT baggy/boyfriend jeans! 

Wide-leg pants:
Trouser/Palazzo Pants
*Wear heels! It makes for a much for flattering look!
*Always wear a slim fitting top, if you want to wear a loose
blouse make sure you pair it with a waist cinching belt!
*If you want to go for that '70s look go for the: 
Wide-leg trouser, platforms and a big floppy hat.
*You can also go for a '40s pin-up look: 
Wear wide leg sailor pants, 
nautical stripe top and espadrilles.

Solid Metal Jewelry
Cold, hard, solid metal shaped in the forms of cuffs and collars, and whether it's gold or silver, copper or bronze, it's a strong look for the now and one that will be carried into Fall/Winter 2011. Take cold metal pieces and wear them with soft knits or furs(faux) or pair a solid metal choker with a sharp jacket or coat. Look for these metals: Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, or any hammered metal that has texture!

**All info and pics were found on Google, InStyle and Vogue Magazine.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Home Safely!!

Hey guys!

My trip was cut short because of hurricane Irene on the East Coast!! So, I wasn't going to even do this post, but many of you asked that I still do it :)

 Basically, I left Wednesday and was back home on Friday....I was supposed to stay on the East Coast until that Monday, but the Gov of Jersey called for a mandatory evacuation!! Soooo we had to leave!!! Thankfully, I was able to get a flight out because everyone was trying to get out at the same time, but by the grace of God I made it home safely!!

I want to first start by saying, THANK YOU, for all of your prayers!!! I made it through the flight perfectly fine :) My Mom and Sis picked me up I live in LA, but was flying out of OC so they sweetly came to get me and take me to the airport!! I was so glad they did because as you know, I was so nervous to fly after my last incident!! Before, going to the airport my Mom stopped by one of my fav bakeries in OC 'French's' I got a cookie...hehe!!! It definitely helped calm my nerves..lol!!

Anyhow, all went well with the flight going into New Jersey. I was delayed a bit because of the already existing storm that the Capt. had to fly around it was verrrrry turbulent, but I did fine...Thank GOD!!

Well, like I said my trip was cut short so I don't have a lot of pics, but here's what I have!!!

Headed to the airport...

French's Bakery goodies....

My flying essentials :)

Waiting to board...

And we're off...

Backstage watching, The Beach Boys!!
My Dad would've loved it!!

The storm was headed our way!! We're outta here!!!!

Thank you, again for all of your prayers!!! 

I love you, guys!!!