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I know I did this post a couple months ago, BUT I just had to repost it again in honor of Fall that is approaching!!! I can't wait :) 

'70s Fashion
*Handbags: Leather Satchel's and/or Hobos.
*Belts: Big and/or skinny leather belts over skirts or maxi dresses.
*Boots: Leather Knee High and/or Thigh High/Over the knee.
*Jewelry: Lots of it!! Lots of rings w/stones, piles of bangles, 
long pendant necklaces and/or strings of beads.
*Hair: Long straight split down the middle part, sleek longer bob, lots of bouncy curls and flowy hair.

(Faux)Fur Fashion Trend

On the runway there was everything from 
hats, coats, collars and scarves.

Coats: Long, short, thick, or fine.

Fur trim: Collars, cuffs, 
hems of jackets and skirts.

Bell Bottoms: 


So, the big question is....
Are skinny jeans still in style?...
YES!!! They aren't going anywhere for quite sometime!

For the 2011 Bell/Flare Bell bottom think '70s Flare.
 NOT baggy/boyfriend jeans! 

Wide-leg pants:
Trouser/Palazzo Pants
*Wear heels! It makes for a much for flattering look!
*Always wear a slim fitting top, if you want to wear a loose
blouse make sure you pair it with a waist cinching belt!
*If you want to go for that '70s look go for the: 
Wide-leg trouser, platforms and a big floppy hat.
*You can also go for a '40s pin-up look: 
Wear wide leg sailor pants, 
nautical stripe top and espadrilles.

Solid Metal Jewelry
Cold, hard, solid metal shaped in the forms of cuffs and collars, and whether it's gold or silver, copper or bronze, it's a strong look for the now and one that will be carried into Fall/Winter 2011. Take cold metal pieces and wear them with soft knits or furs(faux) or pair a solid metal choker with a sharp jacket or coat. Look for these metals: Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, or any hammered metal that has texture!

**All info and pics were found on Google, InStyle and Vogue Magazine.


  1. I'm so excited that the 70's are back in style! Love all the colors!

    J. Crew giveaway on my blog :)

  2. Great post doll! & yes I can't wait for Fall!! Counting the days! Xo

  3. I'm so excited for A/W and I've already started stocking up lol.

    NRC ♥

  4. Great pictures. Thanks for re-posting. I'm loving these fall trends. <3


  5. 70s style everything is on my top 10 Fall Trend list too!!! love it!

    xo Jackie

  6. Very nice!

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  7. i'm so excited to wear all of these things soon! as soon as the weather cools down... i bought some great high waisted, bell bottomed pants for work that i am especially excited to wear!!

    xo, allie

  8. Squeal!! These pictures are all gorgeous! I cannot wait to incorporate some of them into my wardrobe.

  9. I'm with ya girls!!! I've been waiting for Fall since the beginning of!! It's my favorite time of year!! And my Fav Fashion season :)


  10. So many ammmmazing looks! Can't get enough of the 70's vibe!!

  11. thanks for posting it again! i am definitely excited for fall fashion. and i am loving those bell bottoms and wide leg trousers! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  12. @Andee Layne I know, me too!!! I LOVE the 70's vibe!!!

    @Mimi I can't wait to rock my bells..hehe!!

  13. I love your looks! :D I am so glad I'm following you. :*

  14. Love the wide leg trousers. Gorgeous!!

  15. i'm not sure about the 70s trend. i love bell bottems, but - too much is a bad thing. i'll stick with the tribal tops. lol. great blog, and lovely post chick.

    love, rach.

  16. I'm a BIG fan of wide-legs, especially jeans! Super cute. And i love the 70s styles for fall.
    xo Josie


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