Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lotion I'm loving right now!

I know everyone has probably already heard about this lotion, but I just have to give it a shout! I absolutely love this stuff. There are so many different ones to choice from in the VS Drenched in Pink collection, but my fav is 'soft & dreamy'! It's a blend of pink meringue and vanilla whipped cream! It's smells delish..hehe!! And it will leave your skin so soft with it's combo of vitamin E and C. As well as it's a great get 16.9oz for only $12!


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  1. That's funny b/c I used that at my best friends house yesterday and we were discussing how much we love it!

    And I'm sorry to hear about your father! We lose way too many people to that awful disease.


  2. Thank you, so much sweetie!! I really appreciate it!! It's a horrible disease, it was so hard to watch him suffer. That's why I'm such an advocate and trying to raise awareness.

    I love this lotion. It's so fragrant that you don't even have to wear perfume when you're wearing it, it smells so yummy :)

    Hope you're having a great night sweetie! XOXO

  3. Your blog has a cool name. I like it :)
    And I looooove your hair. It`s amazing !!!

    xoxo lala

    come and visit me

  4. Never heard of it but sounds like it has a lovely scent!

  5. i love your blog and you are very sexy woman!!! *kiss* from vienna... =))) ivy

  6. Thank you, gorgeous!!! You're such a sweetheart!!! Mwah!! .XOXO

  7. i haven't tried this one, but i have two others. The one with the pink writing and the blue writing. The pink one if my favorite, smells like candy :)

    x Christine

  8. @Christine I love that one too! I reallly love this lotion collection @VS! They all smell so good, and they're inexpensive for how much lotion you get!! A lil goes a long way :) XOXO


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