Friday, August 12, 2011


Diet Soda made with Stevia

OMG I just found out from a trainer friend of mine, it's finally here!!!
I'm sure a lot of you are like what in the world is the big deal? And boo you shouldn't drink Diet Soda at all!! Wellll, I do have a love for the occasional Diet Soda and I can't have caffeine anymore because it's a trigger for Vertigo as well as the artificial sweeteners in them are triggers for Vertigo : ( And well if you follow my blog you all know that I suffer from chronic vertigo and had to give up caffeine!! So, I've been using Stevia for a while now!! And it's now in a Diet Soda..YAY!!!

I can't wait to see this in my local stores!!

We are soda-loving people. But we never felt good about what we were drinking, until now. ZEVIA is the new version of our old favorites. What's different? We use stevia, a 100% natural, little miracle of nature. People have been sweetening foods and beverages with stevia for hundreds of years.
ZEVIA, pronounced zē-vē-ah, was the first and remains the best tasting 100% natural, zero calorie soda.
With only the purest ingredients, ZEVIA contains none of the chemically processed artificial sugar substitutes, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives found in other diet sodas. ZEVIA is 100% natural, has zero calories, zero net carbs, zero fat, and little or no sodium (depending on flavor).
All twelve delicious ZEVIA varieties – ColaGinger Root BeerDr. ZeviaTwistGinger AleBlack CherryOrange,GrapeCream SodaCaffeine Free ColaMountain ZeviaGrapefruit Citrus – are more delicious and better for you than any other diet soda. Click here to learn more about the history and science of stevia.
We were the first to do it with soda, and we are excited to share it with you.
We are making soda the way it should always have been.

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  1. def want to try this!! when you find out where it is sold please share! xo

  2. I know!!! It's so exciting!!! Here's the website they have a store locator on the site :)

  3. I love diet soda, this stuff is a godsend!

    Zevia is at my local farmer's market, but I haven't tried this specific version yet, the version I like is

    Is truvia the same thing??

  4. @Alpha Blonde Yes, Truvia is from the Stevia family!! :) I didn't know about those!!! I'l have to try that out :) Thanks sweets!!!

  5. 1. You are soooo gorgeous!!!

    2. That stuff sounds awesome! I need to find it in Texas. I too drink A LOT of Diet Coke and Coke zero.

  6. Whn will you post avideo?? Love your make up vlogs!!!

  7. @Lindsey thank you, so much sweetie!!! Just got to the store locator and search your city!!! I hope they have them near you honey!!! XOXO

    @Anonymous Thank you, so much!!! I really appreciate that!!! I'm going to be starting again soon :) I'll definitely let you all know when I do :)

  8. This is new to me and I must try it!:D Thanks for sharing.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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