Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yummy Healthy Treat!

Hey guys!!!
If you're looking for a healthy, non-fat tasty treat to beat the heat this summer, head to pinkberry :)
I absolutely LOVE Frozen Yogurt, and yes there are sooo many different places to choose from these days, since Froyo has become such a trendy thing, but hands down the healthiest I have found has been pinkberry, mostly because of their portion control.
A lot of Frozen Yogurt places now have a 'serve yourself' type of thing going on. Which don't get me wrong its F-U-N!! You can leave with as much froyo, and as many toppings as you'd like, but in the end you mine as well just go get yourself an ice cream sundae, because it's going to equal just as many calories and fat!!! So, keep in mind portion control is key at these 'serve yourself' frozen yogurt joints :) My new fav 'serve yourself' froyo place is 'Yogurtland'. I always get the smallest cup they offer and I always get the non-fat, sugar-free Pecan n Pralines yogurt, and I only fill the cup about half way if even that, and I usually skip out on the toppings, if I do go for toppings I usually will go for fruit or yogurt chips, but all in all when it comes to me needing to keep those pounds away I always hit up my local pinkberry. I get a small cup, and I always get their 'original flavor' it is only about 100 calories and it's fat free, and if I do get toppings it's fresh strawberries :) Here is their link below. I hope you guys can find one in your area!!! Enjoy :)) http://www.pinkberry.com/

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  1. Thank you, so much sweetie!! YOU are gorgeous :) xo

  2. Hey Beautiful I tagged you in a Tag on my page <3

  3. Hi :)
    I came across your blog via Kandee's, and I wanted to ask you where you got the super cute hat your wearing in the pic of you at Pink Berry...which by the way is making me hungry...I'm wishing I still lived in Cali so I could make a Pink Berry run! lol
    Take care girlie! :)

  4. Thank you, so much sweetie! I'm so glad you like the post! Oh gosh, pinkberry is sooo yummy :) XOXO

  5. I am so addicted to Pinkberry! We don't have one here so we try to eat it whenever we are in VA or NYC! I like a small original topped with blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.


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