Friday, August 6, 2010


So, I'm sitting here drinking my coffee, and working, all while waiting to hear back from our realtor!!! You guys, I want to move out of here soooo badly!! We(bf & I ) NEED more space. I feel like a caged animal here!! Plus, once we move, I'll be able to get a fur baby :) I can't wait to get a dog. I've been wanting a dog of my own for sooo long. Now, we have to wait until we move out because I want a BIG guy :) I'm an animal lover period, but I LOVE BIG breeds. So, I want my pup to be able to have as much room as he can to roam around,
and yes as you can tell I keep referring to my pup as a 'he' :) I'd really like to get a male. They're easier to deal with in terms of bigger breeds, from my experience. I'll post a pic below of the puppy I want to get. It makes me smile just thinking about it :) And even better yet, my sister is soo excited to watch him whenever the BF and I are gone traveling, secretly I think she wants to kidnap my!!! Just kidding, she always says...'hmm, well I'm not too sure I'm going to give him back'! She is a HUGE dog lover as is my Mom as well. I've mentioned before they both have dogs, Laker(Moms) and Daisy(Sis) those are their kids :) Anywho, ok I'm going to stop rambling on. Fingers crossed that we find a place soon...and that our agent gets back to us with some good news :)
I hope you guys have a great weekend!!
Love ya.xoxo *Cupcake Kisses*

Here's a pic of the the puppy I want to get :)

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  1. O-to-the-MG that dog is SO cute! What kind is it? I want one too :)

    Thanks for sharing!



  2. Sooo cute, when I get a dog, I want one just like thiss!! They are giant teddy bears.

  3. Thank you, girls :) It's a Samoyed! I can't WAIT to get one, my family rescued a Samy yearsssss ago, but he passed away :( He was older when we found him and he had been hit by a car :( But we had him for about 6 years! I definitely say if you're looking into getting a bigger breed they're awesome dogs to have :) xoxo


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