Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Saturday Night!

Well, the bf made it home from the airport, he's exhausted! So, we decided to stay in and I made dinner! I made him Capellini Pomodoro :) It's one of his fav's that I make. And yes, I made it JUST for him, I almost never eat what I! It's not that it's not good because omg its delish, I take lil bites to make sure all the ingredients are right, or if it needs anything else added, but when I'm done cooking I'm just not! I usually just serve him his food and I'll either grab a lil something quick for myself or just start washing the dishes and cleaning up! Am I the only one who does this?? Comment me and let me know if I'm the only one. :)

So, we also watched the Laker game! Which was terribly disappointing! We're HUGE Laker fans! I LOVE BASKETBALL!!! But this game was horrible, it's like hellllo what were you guys thinking?!?..ugh Needless to say, we lost!..SUCKS!

So, now I'm just chillin in bed with him bloggin :)

I think we're gonna catch up on our shows too that we didn't get to watch this week, Smallville being one of them. I never watched that show until we started dating. He totally got me into it, as well as 'Lost' and 'Heroes'! I really just never had time for T.V.(long story that will come later) :)

I'm reallllly craving sweets tonight, so I had a Special K Protein Bar for! I wanna go hit up the pinkberry down the street...omg that would be so good, but I don't want to deal with the crowd. Our pinkberry is connected to a BIG outdoor/shopping center! Being that it's Saturday it's going to be sooo busy and we won't be able to find parking annnnnd we'll have to pay to park which is soooo everywhere in L.A, but don't want to have to deal with that tonight. So, I guess no! My sister sent me a pic of the banana bread she just baked, OMG it looks so good. Too bad she's over an hour away from where I live oooooor I'd be over at her house hoovering some!

I hope you all are having a good Saturday night!
XOXO, Cupcake

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