Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm trying....

I can't sleep :( soooo I'm workin on my blog site and watching 'Space Balls'! I love this movie it's hilarious. I LOVE comedies period(esp. slapstick)!
Anywho, I just haven't slept well in quite sometime, basically since my Dad died. I lay in bed wide awake, and toss and turn, it's so frustrating. Thank God, for the internet and! It's saved me on many a wide-eyed sleepless nights! I didn't get to sleep until 4 am this morning and was up at 5am to see my boyfriend off to the airport. He left this morning to go on tour for a couple of days. Oh I guess I should explain....he's in the 'entertainment industry'! He's an actor/singer, hence the 'touring' so he's gone A LOT on the road! I meet up with him out on tour every once in a while if he's in one city or state for a couple days, I don't do the one-offs(every day a different city/state) I just got back a couple weeks ago from his tour on the East Coast, and Florida before that. We were in Florida for 8 days the weather was ridic! Major rain storms and wind. I was like what the... it was crazy weather, but I at least got to go to Kennedy Space Center while I was there ;) I totally geek'd out!!!! Yup, I'm into space and the! I'll post some pics soon from the trip! ...oooh 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' is on YAY I love this movie. Welp, let's hope this doesn't turn into another 4am'er! ahaha....Fingers Crossed for sleeeeeeeep....

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