Sunday, July 31, 2011

A lil haul!

I've gotten emails asking me to do 'haul' blogs so here we go :)

Yesterday, I did a lil shopping and found some grrrreat deals!

It was a hat day :)

I saw these cute bootie wedges at xxi, I left without them, BUT I'm definitely going back :)

I walked by Mrs Fields and thought about it for about 5 mins....I admired, but walked away I was so proud of myself :)

Here is what I ended up getting...

Forever 21
 (Silver Hammered Dangle Earrings)

Love Couture
(Light Mauve/Taupey Silk top)

Charlotte Russe
(Brown Platform T-Strap Buckle Heels)
Reg $40.00/Sale $19.99

♥ Cupcake Kisses ♥


  1. love your hat, you look gorgeous :)
    those shoes are insane !

  2. Hi pretty lady:* Love those heels,its a great deal

  3. i'm always tempted by mrs. fields! she waits for me at the mall and begs me to buy her peanut butter cookies until i eventually give in. those brown platforms are super cute. you can't beat $19.99! nice job :)

  4. I love the shoes you got at Charlotte Russ, and I LOVE the leopard print wedges!!

  5. Awww, you bought some really cute things. Loving your new shoes :)

    Love Christine ♥

  6. Great finds! LOVE the hat, it looks fab on you :)

  7. Great finds!! I love the heels from Charlotte Russe..

  8. Cute! Love the shoes!! such a great deal!


  9. I love your shoes they are perfect!!!

  10. Great finds doll! and I love the hat on you on the pic! xo

  11. ooo the mauve/taupey top so pretty! hey gorgeous stop by my blog acknowledged your wonderful blog that i love! xo

  12. Hat is amazing!
    You look wonderfully in it!
    Earrings are beautiful!
    Shoes really amazing:) I love heels:)
    Kiss: *;)

  13. Oh wow, I just discovered your blog and Im so happy because I really love it!!! Keep writing the posts, I definitely follow!!!
    You might like mine too xoxo

  14. Hi! I just wanted to let you know I just discovered your blog, and I LOVE it!:D Im a new follower;)

    BTW you look stunning! And your hair is ah-mazing:) I had just the same haircolor last year, and as my hair is almost black now I've been wanting to dye it back to blonde for a while:)..After seeing your photos I REALLY wanna go blonde again, right now;p omg its soooo nice!:D

    Nice haul too, I really like those shoes, cute:)

    xoxo Miss Delirium ~

  15. I love your style........and I love that you look for bargains! I know the mauve shirt is Love Couture but can you tell me where you got it? I have been looking for something like that and that is a great price! Thanks! :)

  16. I LOVE that shoes! Gorgeous!


  17. Cool haul dear! I love those wedges, you should def get them! xo

  18. @Sonja I got it at a store called "Love Couture" they have them all over Southern California!!

  19. u look fab as as always!love the wedges xxxxxx

  20. Your blog is wonderful
    I love it


  21. love your freakin wedges! too cute!

  22. Im not normally a tan shoe person but I love those!! Love the wedges also!! xx


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XOXO, Gretchen