Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Hairstyles!

Summer is here in Los Angeles~ We've had 70-80 degree temperatures, and the 90's are quickly approaching!! So, to help beat the heat I've been looking for a few new easy hairstyles that don't take a lot of time and effort! I was browsing InStyle Magazine, and stumbled across these hairstyles below and wanted to share them with you.

Amy Adams's Side Ponytail

STAY COOL TIP "There's nothing sadder than a skinny ponytail," says hairstylist Mark Townsend, who has worked with with Amy Adams. Dosing strands with a volume spray that will bulk up wispy hair, leaving it soft and ready-to-style, not sticky and straw-like.

Taylor Swift's Low Side Braid

STAY COOL TIP Swift's hairstylist Jemma Muradian used two key techniques to take this basic braid from boring to beautiful. First, tie off your plait with a thin elastic that matches your hair color. That way the attention stays on the style, not on a clunky rubber band. And secondly, allow a single tendril to slip out on the opposite side of the braid. The spiral adds a playful balance.

Lauren Conrad's Chunky Top Knot

STAY COOL TIP "The slightly messy texture of the bun makes it more current," says Kristen Ess, Conrad’s hairstylist. “Let it have its imperfections—it softens the overall look.” To pull-off a similar look, Ess suggests using larger bobby pins—“the smaller ones tend to move around too much”—and finishing with a generous blast of strong hold hairspray. “Focus on smoothing flyaways around the hairline and at the base, but not so much on the bun itself,” she adds.

Gabrielle Union's Falling Down Updo

STAY COOL TIP Don't fight your face-framing layers into pinned back submission. Embrace them instead by flipping up the back and allowing shorter strands to slip out. A few twists around a large barrel curling iron will give them bounce and shape.

Emma Roberts's Fashion Ponytail

STAY COOL TIP Marcus Francis gave Roberts this ultra-high ponytail for the premiere of Scream 4. "There are two things to keep in mind when creating this ponytail," Francis tell us. "First, follow the natural line of your cheekbone when pulling your hair back. And when in doubt, aim higher." Secondly, he suggests tilting your head back as you gather. "It leaves the hair at the nape tight and clean," he says.

Kate Hudson's Embellished Beach Waves

STAY COOL TIP For those of us with naturally wavy hair, allowing it to air-dry is as good as a dip in the waves. However, no one is altogether exempt from frizz. To soften and smooth Hudson's hair without zapping it's natural texture, hairstylist David Babaii works a dab of Couture Colour Pequi Oil ($32, into damp strands before rough-drying it and adding a bit more dimension with a curing iron.

Kate Mara's '70s Half Updo

STAY COOL TIP A strict and smooth center part is the key to this retro-inspired look. Pull hair back on either side of the head, making sure the ears stay covered, before securing with criss-crossed bobby pins on the back of the head.

Nicole Richie's Headband Braid

STAY COOL TIP Nicole Richie's hairstylist Andy LeCompte offers this tip for pulling off a similar look. "Let your hair dry naturally, and spray a texturizer like Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz ($16, for salons) to get added movement. Gather a two-inch section of hair right above your ear, brushing upwards before you start braiding," he says. "That way you redirect the hair." Pin the plait on the opposite side of the head before repeating above the other ear.

Reese Witherspoon's Flipped Back Bangs

STAY COOL TIP Even the cutest bangs can sometimes fall victim to forehead sweat—and the results are never pretty. Skip the cycle altogether by flipping back your bouncy, blown-out bangs and clipping them right behind your hairline with small bobby pins. You'll get a huge shot of volume with very little effort.

Kim Kardashian's Headband and Bun

STAY COOL TIP Even glam girls take a breather in the muggy months. Take this spirited bun Clyde Haygood created for Kim Kardashian. "Kim usually doesn't go for messy hair, but this style is versatile enough to transition from poolside to a night out," he says. Haygood started by applying styling mousse to damp hair, then pinning it into a messy French twist. "The mismatched elastic headbands give the style personality while keeping hair in place."

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