Sunday, September 12, 2010

Best Self-Tanner and Discount Tanning Product Website

So, as a lot of you may already know, I'm a total 'tan-a-holic'! I LOVE to tan...'self-tan' that is!!! And let me tell you, I've used just about every self-tanning product out there, and I have found many that I like, but I've now found one that I LOVE...and at an incredible price on an amazing website. I was contacted by to do an 'honest' review of their site and products, so here is my HONEST review!!!...I LOVE IT!!!

If you tan in at a Tanning Salon, and purchase their lotions...STOP!!!..hehe! 
Log onto and purchase your products there. Everything on the site is basically
25-50% off of retail price. It's amazzzing!!! And if you use the coupon code CupcakeCartel, you'll receive an additional 10% off of everything on the website!! I use to work at a Tanning Salon and also use to tan in the beds as well, and I spent sooo much money on the tinglers, accelerators, bronzers, etc. You won't at this site. Save your money guys, log onto and purchase your products there!!! 

My fav self-tanner from their site is ...
Norvell Amber Sun Sunless Spray - Dark Bronzing Spray, it smells like Almonds or Cherries, not that funky chemical smell. 
I LOVE this stuff it gives me such an amazing tan! I just had to share this info with you all, I'm so excited about this stuff and this site. I've sent all of my friends that tan at Salons, and as well as self-tanners to this site, and they're still thanking me : ) Also, too if you would like a bigger discount then they already offer use the coupon code CupcakeCartel and you will receive 10% off of anything and everything on the website!!! :) 

Here is a lil info about my fav self-tanner from their site. It regularly retails for $35-$40 on other website and when sold in stores, but at it's only $17.95 :) 

Paraben Free and Cruelty-Free Product.

Product Size: 6.0 fl oz
Fragrance: Raspberry Almond

Improved formula for immediate color. Longer lasting, smooth, sienna blend to give you the just off the beach sun kissed glow you desire. "Bag in Bottle" system delivers ultra-fine spray and even results at any angle. Oil-Free Formula will not clog pores.

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